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Superior Water Treatment Equipment in Indianapolis, IN

Water Softeners
Softeners remove the hardness and the iron in your water resulting in softer water. The hardness and iron work against your water, drying out your hair and skin after a shower, leaving soap scum, and making it harder to get your dishes and clothes completely clean. Get the water you and your family deserve with a water softener.

Reverse Osmosis
While the city has standards for the water going to your home, are you sure these standards meet yours? Chlorine, minerals, and sediments can still be contained inside your home's water. A reverse osmosis system will offer you clean and great tasting water for your home. All of our products come with warranties and guarantees for your protection.
Washing Hand - Water Conditioner in Indianapolis, IN

Other products we offer:

  • Iron & Odor Filter (Removes Magnesium, Iron and Odor)
  • Chlorination Systems
  • Dechlorination Systems
  • Ultraviolet Treatment Systems
  • Salt
  • In-Line Filters (GAC/Sediment Filters/Big Blue)
  • Cleaning Products
  • Air Gaps

We Offer a Few Common Chemicals Such As:

  • Pro Rust (Removes Iron, Rust Stains)
  • Pro Pot-Perm (Cleans Media inside the Iron Filter)
  • Pro Tub and Tile (Removes Old Lime Scale Stains)

We Carry the Following Brand Names:

  • Autotrol
  • Chemtech
  • Clack
  • CSM
  • Fleck
  • GE
  • John Guest
  • Pentair
  • Pentek
  • ProProducts
  • ProSoft
  • Pulsefeeder
  • PuRoMax
  • Structrual